Take back control of your wellbeing during The Menopause

Alleviate Menopausal symptoms with our micro-meditations, micro-breathworks, and micro-workouts designed for busy women. Join our November programme and start reaping the benefits with just 2 minutes a day.

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Micro Meno


Elevate your day with micro-breathing, as quick as 2 minutes. Revitalise your energy and enhance your sleep. Discover how to weave these empowering moments into your day for maximum impact.


Begin your fitness journey with manageable, empowering steps. Our micro-workouts, starting at just 3 minutes daily, bring fitness to your home. No more gymtimidation or daunting workout routines. Start your journey today!

Menopause workout
Contemplating menopause


Reimagine meditation. Forget the 20-minute struggle. Embrace micro-meditations in your daily life – washing dishes, commuting, bedtime rituals, or coffee breaks. Join our program, and redicsover your meditation journey today.

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Your health matters

Welcome to Micro Moments, your trusted companion on the path to improved wellbeing during the menopausal journey. Our mission is to empower menopausal women with quick and effective micro-breathwork, micro-workouts, and micro-meditations, all designed to take just 2-5 minutes of your day. Launching our inaugural program in November, we're here to provide holistic support, making the menopausal transition a smoother, more vibrant experience.

Our Mission

At Micro Moments, our mission is simple: to enhance the lives of menopausal women. We're dedicated to offering accessible, practical, and tailored wellbeing support, fostering a community where no one faces the challenges of menopause alone. Our goal is to help you achieve a happier, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle.

Our Founder

Meet Tian Howell, the driving force behind Micro Moments. As a pilates instructor, personal trainer, and wellness coach, Tian's passion for wellbeing grew from her own health battles, including ulcerative colitis, papillary thyroid cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Her journey inspired her to create a nurturing community where menopausal women never feel alone, just as she did. Guiding clients through transformation, Tian's mission is to ensure everyone finds a happy, healthy, and balanced life.



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