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Welcome to Train Librium by Tian Howell, where transformation begins. Our unique blend of strength training, pilates, and stretching enhances posture, prevents injuries, boosts energy, and improves overall wellbeing. Experience personalised programs tailored to your success.

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Meet Tian

Meet Tian, a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Stretch Coach, and life enthusiast. Her journey from ballet to health battles fuels her passion for sustainable, holistic fitness. Tian's mission is to make you happy, healthy, and balanced with a sustainable lifestyle.

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Tian's unique approach blends strength, pilates, and stretching to achieve functional, pain-free movement. Her dedication to injury management, Sports Nutrition, and Wellness Coaching ensures your success.


Tian's 3-step system

Unlock your optimal fitness potential with our foolproof three-step program. Designed to correct and enhance your fitness journey, this transformative system focuses on tailored workouts, personalised exercises, and expert guidance.

Whatever your goals, this three-step system can get you there.

  • Correction
    Correct imbalances, enhance alignment, and reduce injury risks.

  • Foundation
    Build a base line strength and technque through lighter weights and higher reps

  • Elevation
    Increase strength, push limits, and advance your fitness levels.

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Pricing plan

Choose your bespoke programme

Face to Face
or £1000 for 10
Bespoke programming to meet your goals and needs.
A tailored blend of Strength, Pilates and Stretch
In the comfort of your own home, or a choice of gyms.
Real time feedback, corrections and programme adaptations
Complementary access to online classes
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Online Programme
£250 /mo
or £1200 for 6 months
£100 face to face set up & analysis
A bespoke Programme for your needs
A tailored blend of Strength, Pilates and Stretch
Complementary access to online classes
Access to online app
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Online Pilates Class
or £30 month
Access to online classes
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Add On

Daily Habit Support Add on

£80 /pcm

Feel like you need some extra lifestyle support with your training? Add on our Daily Habit Support, where we help you with nutrition, sleep, and healthy habits every day to help improve the affectiveness of your programme. We understand that life does not have to revolve around health and fitness to be happy and healthy. We will give you daily targets and incorporate flexible lifestyle habits, to improve your busy life schedule.

What We offer

Choose from personalised programs that prioritise your needs, ensuring sustainable progress and a balanced lifestyle.

How to start

Get in touch now, and recieved a 15 minute call with Tian


Feel happy, healthy and energised with our micro-meditations, micro-breathworks, and micro-workouts designed for busy women. Join our November programme and start reaping the benefits with just 2 minutes a day.



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